T72T Experimental display type by T72T Part of Lundqvist & Dallyn Studio

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This agreement applies to you – the buyer and/or user – of the digital typeface software (also called font or fonts) from LD Type and Lundqvist & Dallyn (also called LD Type). You accept this agreement when you use, buy, download or install any fonts from LD Type. If you disagree, don't use, buy, download or install any fonts from LD Type. You can't sell, share or give away any changed or unchanged fonts, privately or publicly. This agreement is the only one between you and LD Type about the fonts.

Three License Types

Pick one of three licenses: Desktop, Web and App/Game. Each license has its own rules, which you can see below. If your company grows, pageviews increase, or you want to use the fonts for more things; you need to change your license to fit these requirements.

If you want to avoid changing your license, you can get an unlimited license. For unlimited licensing, email us for a custom quote. 

01 — Desktop license

You can use the fonts in the .otf format on any device in your organisation to make files or documents for one brand. This covers print and digital files like PDFs, pictures, logos, products, social media posts, ads, signs and other similar outputs.

02 — Web License 

Using the font-face technology, you can get the fonts in the .woff and .woff2 formats for one web domain (and its subdomains). The web license depends on the page views.

03 — App/Game License

You can use the fonts in the .ttf and .otf formats in one app or one game. You need more App/Game licenses for more apps or games. The App/Game license only lets you use the fonts in an app or a game. You can't use the font-face technology or make files or documents that need the Desktop license.


You can turn the fonts into shapes in design software and change those shapes. But you can't change, take apart, or figure out how our fonts work. You can't give the fonts a different name without our OK. If you need to rename one of our fonts for a specific case, please email us, and we'll help you for a small fee.


By buying a font from LD Type, you get the rights; that is, a license that lets you use the fonts as this agreement says. The license is only for you, and you can't give it or sell it to anyone else. You don't get ownership of the design or any other part of the fonts. The owner is always the original designer of the font.

Disclaimer, Termination and Warranty

We try to make fonts as good as possible, but we can't promise they will work well on old systems or in old MS Office apps. The fonts come as they are, with no guarantees about how they work or perform. LD Type is not responsible for any legal problems our fonts might cause. Also, we are not liable for any harm or loss that you think we or our fonts caused you in any way. If we were ever found to be responsible, the most we would do is give you back the money you paid for the license. If you break this agreement, you lose all your rights immediately and must stop using the fonts and remove them from your devices.